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▶ send me a ♪ and i will put my music on shuffle and give you a song + my favourite line from it

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BIGBANG is like kids who don’t listen to others. We take paths that others don’t take on purpose. When we look back on ourselves, we want to be proud. -G-Dragon
19.08.14 Happy 8 Years, BIGBANG!
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Always remember that when your days seem to get dark, VIPs are here holding our light sticks and bringing light into your lives.

To Kwon Jiyong,

The most awesome leader ever. Thank you for everything that you do. What you do isn’t easy whatsoever and you have so much pressure on you to be perfect and continue making amazing music. All I want to tell you is that, fall onto us when you are tired and when you feel the world is going to fast, whatever changes in the world, our love for Big Bang is never changing and we will always be there for you. We will catch you and support you always.

To Dong Youngbae,

Thank you for everything. You are the pillar of strength in Big Bang and you have taught me how not to take life too seriously and how it is okay to go crazy once a while. Thank you for teaching us that being a perfectionist is okay. You must have been so tired during the making of Rise, right? I hope you are well rested now and taking care of yourself. 

To Choi Seunghyun,

Sweetheart, baby boo, my ultimate bias, my idol, my role model, the love of my life. Seunghyun, i could write you letters telling you why I love you and adore you. Thank you for everything you do for Big Bang and also reminding us to take a break and let the inner child in us run free. Thank you for teaching us that one doesn’t need to always go through the preset path and that life is more fun when one takes the road less travelled on. 

To Kang Daesung,

You are my very own angel. You have been through so much and I’m really sorry that you had to deal with everything. Thank you for teaching us that however hard life is one can still smile our way through it. 

To Lee Seunghyun,

My baby panda, maknae.

Thank you everything that you do for us. You are freakin’ perfect and amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and thank you for being the sticky goo that holds Big Bang and Big Bang is nothing without Lee Seunghyun. Always remember that. Your solo last year was so amazing Seunghyun and you have grown so much and we are all so proud that Big Bang has such an awesome maknae. Thank you for being the members support system whenever they were down. Thank you for being my support system when I am upset cause any of my problems seem not-so-bad when I see you smile.

My kings, my happiness.

you made me cry tbh

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“Going around 12 different countries, we were surprised at the responses of the fans. In spite of different languages and skin color, all the fans sang after us in Korean, which moved our hearts.” - G-Dragon

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VIP Until Whenever… #8IGBANG


VIP Until Whenever…

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Happy 8th anniversary Bigbang! VIPS will always love you and support you!

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Happy 8th Anniversary, my kings ♥

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we will always be here for you. until whenever.
060819 - now.

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